About Us

"At Wesley we focus on a holistic education that emphasises the development of the well-balanced man or woman who wants to go out into the world and make a difference"

- David Gee, Headmaster

    Our History

Wesley College was founded in 1923 as a Boarding School for boys. It was named after John Wesley, co-founder of the Methodist Church.

From our very beginnings, drawing from John Wesley’s strong motivations, Wesley College has emphasised Christian values as its primary educational focus, essential if the school is to honour its tradition both to past and present students.

The College planning committee showed great foresight in choosing the inner-city site bounded by Angelo Street, Coode Street and the sand ridge above Swan Street, now incorporated within the present site.

    The Wesley Approach

Wesley College is an innovative learning community in which students are empowered to lead stimulating, purposeful lives. We are committed to being intellectually, physically and artistically engaging, as we remain vibrant, caring and connected so that our students can pursue their own, personal excellence.

Here at Wesley College, we are dedicated to supporting our students as they become:

Strong Thinkers academically, and equipped with the thinking skills that span all learning areas.

Purposeful Doers who apply and transfer their learning, and act on their growing understanding with conviction and the courage to take risks as learners.

Powerful Self-Activators by developing a strong sense-of-self, amplifying their unique traits so they become self-directed learners.

Positive Connectors engaging in local and global communities and acting on their values.