Daily Life at Wesley College

    Outstanding Co-Curricular Opportunities

A quality education demands a fine balance between every aspect of school life. The co-curricular programs at Wesley not only compliment the day-to-day curriculum, but also offer further opportunity for development of skills, creative expression, teamwork and co-operation.

The broad-reaching opportunities available at Wesley facilitate the development of qualities such as leadership, honour and integrity, in addition to acquiring technical skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

    The Arts

Wesley offers a diverse and exciting range of arts programs across the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. We boast a team of extremely passionate, highly skilled music teachers, many of whom perform with professional orchestras and bands. We provide music tuition for a huge range of instruments, and also have a host of bands and ensembles that any of our students may join. From outstanding productions and an eclectic range of music ensembles and dance, there is indeed something for everyone.

    The Great Outdoors

Students participate in outdoor education from Years 5 to 10 in a comprehensive program managed by a specialist outdoor education teacher.

Middle school students (Year 5 to 7) are introduced to outdoor education camps at three different activity-centred, community based campsites. These camps involve a series of group challenges within the context of a general theme, linking to each year’s specific curriculum. The Year 8 and 9 camps are designed to test the boys both physically and emotionally, while the more experienced Year 10 students can choose an expedition to an appropriately challenging level.


Sport is compulsory at Wesley, where students must participate in before and after school sports training and competition against other PSA schools. Inter-school fixtures are typically held on Thursday afternoons for Years 5 and 6, Friday afternoons for Years 7 to 9 and Saturday mornings for Years 10 to 12.

Summer sports include rowing, cricket, tennis, basketball, volleyball, water polo and swimming. Winter sports include Australian-rules football, soccer, hockey, rugby, badminton and cross-country. Athletics, golf and surfing are additional, stand-alone sports.